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Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 2:02 PM
To: Vitale, Marty
Subject: RE: I-795 FHWA Letter - NC

Marty V

Yes, we did receive this July 31 FHWA-NC transmittal of the March 13 NC DOT requests for Interstate designation of a portion of U.S. 117 and for its spur numbering as I-795.   Our staff now believes they warrant our recommendation for conditional approval, and we will begin processing an FHWA letter to the State. 


Thus, it would be appropriate for you to send a letter to Administrator Capka.  We suggest you mark it to the attention of the Associate Administrator for Planning, Environment & Realty.  We would appreciate electronic transmittal, if feasible, and a copy to me.


Thanks for the copy of the ballot.     Frank


frank clark  fhwa/hepi-20  202-366-5006   (fax 202-366-3409)
(natl systs & econ devel team)    (or fax 202-366-3713) (faxes unattended, pls e-mail when/where sent)

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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 11:29 AM
To: Clark, Frank <FHWA>
Subject: FW: I-795 FHWA Letter


Did you ever see this letter regarding I-795?  Also, do I need to send a letter from AASHTO to Mr. Capka? 


I’m sending you this link so you can see what the special committee here is going to be voting on.


Marty Vitale 



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Subject: I-795 FHWA Letter



Please find attached an I-795 Memorandum regarding the addition

to the Interstate System, US 117 in Wilson and Wayne Counties

that you requested.


Thomas Schroeder

Reporting Group Supervisor

IMG Unit