​​​Information on Making Application:

The application available is an upgrade of what we currently have. A final and perfected application is still in the works. Please select the following link and you will find a Microsoft Office Word Form with guides, checklist, policies and instructions.

U.S. Route Number Application: USRN Electronic Application Form (August 2016)

The following steps in the process of U.S. Route Numbering applications must be completed in order for new changes become official.

  1. The committee reviews applications and makes recommendations to approve or disapprove the request.
  2. The committee shall report all recommendations and decisions to the Standing Committee on Highways and will ask for its approval. This will take place at SCOH's spring and annual meetings.
  3. In the case of interstate route requests, both FHWA and SCOH must approve. (Refer to the FHWA Links at the bottom of this page.)
  4. These decisions will be presented to the AASHTO Board of Directors in the SCOH report at the Board's business meeting.

U.S. Route Number Application: USRN Electronic Application Form (August 2016)- Please send your application(s) to usroutes@aashto.org. You will be notified when the committee will meet to review and vote on applications. For Interstate applications be sure to include any and all supporting documents you have from FHWA.

AASHTO Policy Statements: Purpose & Policy Statement HO1 and Purpose & Policy Statement HO2 (Retention of HO1)

CHECKLIST: An CHECKLIST: Use with application on US Route Numbering Request​​ is provided to insure that you have collect all information needed by AASHTO.

We appreciate your attention and patience.

If you are a mapmaker, a GIS specialist, an interested party in the nation's highways, send your email address to pngethe@aashto.org and you will be place on a "Mapmakers" email group list.  Emails are deleted when they become undeliverable.

Member Department Contacts:

Resource Person for Route Num​bering Issues in the DOTs

(If your member department does not appear below or a change needs to be made, please email pngethe@aashto.org​ with the person's name and email address.)  This is dated 06/08/2017. 

State Contacts for Route Numbering​

AlabamaRobert J. Jillajillar@dot.state.al.us
AlabamaRonny Pounceypounceyr@dot.state.al.us
AlaskaJill Sullivanjill.sullivan@alaska.gov
ArkansasScott E. BennettScott.Bennett@arkansashighways.com
ArizonaRichard Moeurrmoeur@azdot.gov
CaliforniaNavneet Singhnavneet_singh@dot.ca.gov
ColoradoPyllis Sniderphyllis.snider@state.co.us
DelawareMark Luszczmark.luszcz@state.de.us
FloridaLauren LeJeuneLauren.LeJeune@dot.state.fl.us
GeorgiaClayton CarterClayton.Carter@dot.state.ga.us
IdahoGarry Younggarry.young@itd.idaho.gov
IllinoisGregory RunyardGregory.Runyard@illinois.gov
IllinoisLobmaster, TravisTravis.Lobmaster@illinois.gov
IndianaDaniel A. Dozierddozier@indot.IN.gov
IowaPaul MauerPaul.mauer@dot.iowa.gov
KentuckyBob GoodmanBob.Goodman@ky.gov

John Weary

MainePeter M. CoughlanPeter.Coughlan@maine.gov
MarylandKevin J. Powerskpowers@sha.state.md.us
MassachusettsSteve Timminsstephen.timmins@mhd.state.ma.us
MichiganPatrick Allenallenp@michigan.gov
MinnesotaMark Giesekemark.gieseke@state.mn.us
MississippiWayne M. Evanswevans@mdot.state.ms.us
MontanaEd Eretheereth@mt.gov
New HampshireWilliam Watsonbwatson@dot.state.nh.us
New JerseySophia AzamSophia.Azam@dot.nj.gov
New Mexico  
New YorkDavid Woodin, PE, PTOEDavid.Woodin@dot.ny.gov​
North CarolinaRenee Roachrroach@ncdot.gov
North CarolinaJeff Jaegerjjaeger@ncdot.gov
North DakotaDenny L. Johnsondennjohnson@nd.gov
OhioMichael Greenwoodmichael.greenwood@dot.state.oh.us
Oklahoma dooten@odot.org
OregonDouglas Bishdouglas.w.bish@odot.state.or.us
PennsylvaniaKenneth ReutherKREUTHER@pa.gov
South CarolinaGail C Diadiagc@scdot.org
South DakotaSteve Grammsteve.gramm@state.sd.us
TexasJames Kochjames.koch@txdot.gov
UtahPeter Jagerpjager@utah.gov
VermontMary C. Spicermary.spicer@state.vt.us
VirginiaEngelhart, Cindy L., P.E.Cindy.Engelhart@vdot.virginia.gov
WashingtonMark Bozanichbozanim@wsdot.wa.gov
West VirginiaGary W. Graleygary.w.graley@wv.gov
WisconsinRebecca D. SzmkowskiRebecca.szymkowski@dot.wi.gov
WyomingMartin Kidner martin.kidner@dot.state.wy.us


Others: Maps, Special Interests

UtahKelli Baconkbacon@utah.gov
IllinoisAaron WeatherholtAaron.Weatherholt@Illinois.gov
AAAKen Bolserkbolser@national.aaa.com
BMWNAJohn MansfieldJohn.Mansfield@bmwna.com
PrivateChris Bessertchris.bessert@gmail.com
PrivateJohnathan Winklerjonathan.winkler@gmail.com
Forest ServiceKaren Nabityknabity@fs.fed.us
FHWAKevin SylvesterKevin.Sylvester@dot.gov
PrivateRichard Carlsonhighways@n9jig.com
Rand McNallyRichard WanzoRwanzo@Randmcnally.com
URS CorpRobert Gisettorobert_gisetto@urscorp.com
HEREStearns, Daviddavid.stearns@here.com
DCR VAWampler, Jenniferjennifer.wampler@dcr.virginia.gov
ColoradoWilliam G. Johnsonwilliam.g.johnson@dot.state.co.us
IndianaStephan SummersStSummers@indot.IN.gov

Other Useful Links:


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